Member Service

(1)Member type
  According to different types of user's demand, Wangyou used net is tailor-made for you four series senior   members:
  Materials recycled quotient special version→ Wangyou F8 member(7200 Yuan/year)
  Suitable for equipment and material recycled quotient with sell and buy business needs,provide mass of   auction information,make material recycled   channel unobstructed,various best resources are flash   searched and found.

  Rapid marketing→ Wangyou F10 member(9800 Yuan/year)
   Upgraded service,quickly master valued business opportunities,join in and you can enjoy the freely    promotional products and related service of   keywords bidding and gold booth etc.

  Brand upgrade→ Wangyou F12 member(19800 Yuan/year)
  You can use business lock for key information such as auction,asset disposal etc.,special personnel to help   you manage your shop.

  Fighting falcon level configuration → Wangyou F16 member(39800 yuan/year)
  The fifth series member service of Wangyou,combined with functions,services,permissions and effects of   the former four series,it is the professional   and experienced equipment adaptation and multi-product   cross-regional business of waste materials distributor and trader,a large and medium   enterprise for   batches and whole scrap disposing,provide whole-functional year service for more industries personnel.

  International Shop→ English Version Shop(2000yuan/year)
  Promote and make them convenient for business trading between domestic and foreign customers , build   up the bridge of business trading between   domestic and foreign countries.
 (2)Enjoyable Service
  Exquisite Enterprise Website
  Various format choosing freely
  Company shorter form directly to your shop
  Personalized creation + individual management

  Information Browsing and Image Spreading
  You can search for various information of purchasing, asset disposal, auction, used market etc.
  Figure column reporting and propagating, set up your good images.

  Priority Ranking
  Priority searching ranking
  Priority enterprise ranking
  Priority supply&demand information ranking

  Brand Propagating
  China Used Industry Association Solid Waste Specialties and Recommendation of Selecting Activities

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